Change presents a challenge for all businesses and has inherent risks. The one consistent issue all businesses have with change (however positive or negative the intended change) is the impact it will always have on your people.

Journey delivers by putting people first and foremost at the heart of change.

  • We work closely to help identify those who can assist most in the programme, and build the teams that will help to make change happen.
  • We help to identify people most likely to be affected and resistant to change, working to create advocacy rather than resistance.
  • And we understand how to deal with every element of change that will touch the people who are at risk or reward from change; the components of their jobs and livelihoods like contracts, pensions, geographic location, training,  the tools they need or tools they will lose, their career path, working hours and conditions (ad infinitum).
  • Before, during and after the Journey, you’ll need to retain the people and talent critical to your success. Journey identifies those people within your organisation, and will help you to keep them.
Business People Meeting to analyse and discuss and brainstorming

A business’s change programme that overlooks the vital role played by its people... will fail.

Journey establishes the business requirements

  • Where you are going and why
  • Stakeholder responsibility & commitment
  • Business vision and benefits case
  • Who you need to involve
  • The people who will  be impacted by change
  • Programme and project structure
  • People feedback mechanisms

Journey puts people at the heart of change:

  • To help smooth implementation
  • To negate or reduce issues at the earliest opportunity
  • To increase your business’s profitability
  • To improve your customer service
  • The people who will  be impacted by change
  • To empower people to deliver new ideas and  innovation for improvement

Journey defines people management priorities

  • Shared change purpose
    – communication and vision
  • Effective change leadership
    – leadership & sponsorship
  • Strong people connection
    – learning and development
  • Manage change to jobs
    – organisation enablers
  • Capacity for change
    – environment
  • Tools to do the job
    – systems

Putting the right people at the heart of change.

Working with accountable Executive and Key Stakeholders to:

  • Deliver People Impact  Assessment (including disability considerations)
  • Identify the priority areas  for action (each reporting level/project)
  • Capture initial key risks
  • Compile the people experience assessments
  • Agree change deliverables

Establishing the working group of programme/project managers to:

  • Add agreed change deliverables to project plan with single owners
  • Agree and update timescales
  • Update Risks log/register with initial key risks
  • Track and report on progress

Involve all in the readiness assessment to:

  • Assess the people readiness for your programmes/projects on an ongoing basis
  • Review at agreed frequencies (e.g. 10, 6, 2 weeks before implementation)
  • Ensure each deliverable has a RAG level and comments (where applicable)
  • Maintain the ‘Go/No Go’ check with key stakeholders before implementation